What is a FedEx Meter Number?

This is the unique identification number issued to every online merchant to allow them to find their specially negotiated rates with the courier company. With your FedEx meter number, other freight forwarders can easily provide the same rates you’ve already negotiated with FedEx. If you’re trying to figure out how to find your FedEx meter number, you’re in luck - we’re breaking down the process for you right here.

Steps to Integrate your FedEx account to Report Pundit

Navigate to the 'Integrations' page using the navigation bar at the top.
Select FedEx from the list of integrations.
Enter the required credentials.
Click on 'Connect'.
Contact support.
Contact our support team through live chat or by email.
Let us know which fields you require, and we shall set it up for you.

How to Get the Client ID and Client Secret?

API credentials serve the following purposes:
  • It identifies the project making a call to the APIs.
  • Authorizes access to the API that are enabled under your project.
Follow these steps to get the credentials:
  • Client ID – API Key gets created once a project is created on FedEx Developer portal. You can also view the API Key associated with the project on the Project Overview page.
  • Client Secret – You will see the Secret Key on the confirmation page once a project is created on the FedEx Developer portal. If needed, the Secret Key can also be regenerated, on the Project Overview page.