Steps to Integrate Amazon

Navigate to the "Integrations" page using the navigation bar at the top.
Click on Amazon. ​​Enter the Authorisation Token & Seller ID, which can be found by following these steps.
Click on 'Connect'.

Contact support.

Contact our support team through live chat or by email.
Let us know which fields you require, and we shall set it up for you.

How do I get the credentials for integration?

Account Info – Amazon Seller Central
  • Click on Merchant Token under Business Information to get the Merchant Token

Use the MWS Auth Token to access your Amazon Payouts Data

Follow below steps to generate auth token for Report Pundit as a third party developer:
  • Login to your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Navigate to User Permissions under Settings menu
User Permissions – Amazon Seller Central
  • Click on Visit Manage Your Apps under Third Party Developer and Apps and click on Authorize New Developer button
  • Add one of the following developer ids for generating authentication token for the respective marketplace
    • Canada developer ID – 320391337847
    • Mexico Developer ID – 320391337847
    • USA Developer ID – 320391337847
    • India Developer ID – 304531713516
  • See the list of marketplaces within a region at
Add "Report Pundit" as Developer's Name and Developer ID based on your country.
  • MWS Auth Token would be generated after submitting the details
Amazon MWS Auth Token
  • You would need both Seller ID and MWS Auth Token to create an Amazon Pay integration on Report Pundit.
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