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Navigate through the app using the following tabs based on your requirement.
Navigation Panel


Shows a summary of the store's sales, orders and inventory metrics, along with latest activity on Report Pundit.


Shows specific pre-created report templates for your store based on Sales, Products, Inventory, Tax, Shopify Payout, etc.
Shows a list of reports that you have created and saved in the past.
Shows all the report scheduling tasks that you have created and a history of the scheduled reports that have run in the past.‌
Shows a list of third-party applications to connect with.
Shows basic account information, Data sync options, Report formatting, Re-authorize Shopify account, My password, FTP, Google Drive & Big Query, Recent Sync History, and Custom Email.
Help Docs
It will bring you to this website. It contains all the required documentation and video tutorials for you to get more familiar with our app.
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