Data Synchronization

When you initially install Report Pundit, we require your shop records to synchronise with our app to provide you the services that we offer.

Why is Data Sync necessary?

Once the Shop Data is synchronized with Report Pundit, the report generation occurs instantaneously. For the report to be generated at such rapid speeds, Data Sync is a prerequisite.

API Call Limit

Shopify enables us to make 2 requests/second for Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify users, and 4 requests/second for Shopify Plus users. Hence, sync time for Shopify Plus customers is going to be slightly faster.
With each request, we can extract 250 records, but it takes a while to synchronize these records with the app. Report Pundit will synchronize data based on the API Call Limit allowed by Shopify.

How does your data sync when you initially install Report Pundit?

Report Pundit will sync the data for the previous 7 days when you first install it. After that, it will begin synchronizing month by month. The reports can be made once the initial sync is complete.

How Long will it take for my Shop Data to synchronize with Report Pundit?


Around 500 to 600 records are synchronized every minute.
  • Estimated Time for Sync Completion
    • 100,000 Orders - 1-2 Hours
    • 500,000 Orders - 4-5 Hours


Around 300 to 500 records are synchronized every minute.
  • Estimated Time for Sync Completion
    • 30,000 Products- 1-2 Hours
    • 60,000 Products- 2-3 Hours


Around 1400 to 1500 records are synchronized every minute. The Sync rate is comparatively higher because fewer resources are to be updated in the database.
  • Estimated Time for Sync Completion
    • 100,000 Customers - Within 1 Hour
    • 500,000 Customers - 3-4 Hours


Around 500 to 600 records are synchronized every minute.
  • Estimated Time for Sync Completion
    • 100,000 Transactions - Within 1 Hour
    • 500,000 Transactions - 3-4 Hours

For Example,

If you have,
  • Orders - 30,000
  • Products - 5,000
  • Customers - 25,000
  • Transactions -25,000
  • Payout - 15,000
then, the Data Sync will be completed within one hour.

Will my data remain within Report Pundit after uninstallation?

According to the Shopify rules, if you delete Report Pundit, all the synced data will be deleted automatically, 48 hours from the time of uninstallation. However, you can sync the data again if you choose to re-install Report Pundit after 48 hours.

Sync Frequency after first sync

  • We refresh your records each time you access the app, or schedule a report.
  • Sync also takes place by default every 6 hours, irrespective whether you access the app or not.
  • You can also force sync your records to manually refresh them at any time.
Note: This information is based on the sync time data from 10,000+ Report Pundit customers and is considered to be accurate.
If you need more information regarding data sync, feel free to contact us.