FAQs related to report Scheduling
Why have I not received my scheduled reports?
  • It could be due to multiple reasons :
    • There will be a delay in the month-end since most of the customers have more schedules at the month-end.
    • If the data is more, It will take more time to generate.
    • The email would've been in the spam folder.
    • The email provided may be invalid or the schedule setup is incomplete.
    • User FTP server could've blacklisted Report Pundit.
Can I schedule the reports into a pre-existing Google Sheet?
  • When you create a Google Sheet schedule, it will create a new Sheet in the Google Drive folder that you've selected by default. All the data will be exported into the newly created sheet.
  • Yes. It is possible to schedule the report into a pre-existing Google Sheet. Kindly contact us and we'll set it up for you.
Last modified 1yr ago