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FAQs related to Billing & Sales
Do you offer a demo or free trial?
  • Yep! We provide a 15-day risk-free free trial with every new signup.
Where can I find your pricing for Report Pundit?
Will you give special pricing to multi-stores?
  • If you manage multiple Shopify websites, contact us: We’ll work with you to create a cost-friendly solution for your entire multi-store environment.
Do you have tools that help me with training?
  • Yes. We want to make your Report Pundit experience a wonderful one, so we provide tutorials, documentation, interactive guides, and an intro wizard if you’re just getting started using our service.
Does the 15-day trial allow me to access all features or only the basic plan features?
  • During your 15-day free trial, you'll have access to all Report Pundit features. After the trial period ends, you can select a plan to continue using Report Pundit
Can I upgrade/downgrade my pricing plan?
  • Report Pundit pricing is based on your Shopify store plan: Basic, Shopify, Advanced, and Plus. No hassle: we’ll automatically change your pricing plan based on your current Shopify account type.
Do you offer discount pricing for annual plans?
  • Sorry, we do not offer annual pricing plans at this time.
How do I cancel my subscription or close my account?
  • Uninstall the Report Pundit app from your Shopify store, and Shopify will automatically cancel your subscription.
Why am I restricted to choose only one plan among the available plans in Report Pundit?
  • Report Pundit pricing is directly based on your Shopify store plan: Basic, Shopify, Advanced, and Plus. Each store type has a different number of orders, and hence contain different amount of information.
  • Running more information through the app server demands more work from our end. Therefore, we offer our pricing based on the Shopify store plan.
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