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April 2022

New Features

📂My Report Folder View

🙄What's the change? and what was the need?

The new feature allows you to segregate your reports and save them collectively as a folder. You can find the switch to the folder view under the My Reports section.
We included this feature to make it easier and handier for you to manage your reports.

👁️‍🗨️Where can it be seen?

You can see the new switch Folder beside List on the My Reports page.
My Reports Dashboard view
Switch between Folder and List view by clicking on them

🤔How to use it?

📁 From the default folder:

By default, all reports will be saved to the Default Folder. To move a report to the desired folder, click on Move and choose the folder.
Default folder dashboard view
Click on 'move' icon and select the desired folder you want you the report to.

🛃 For custom reports:

While generating a custom report, you will be asked to choose the desired folder to save the report in.
Custom Report Generation prompt
Click on the Report Folder Name drop down and choose the Folder you want the report to get saved.
  • You cannot delete or rename the default folder.
  • You cannot delete a folder if it contains reports.

Column Resizing

We have enabled the user to resize the field columns in the app report-table.

Field Functions/Options

We have introduced a dropdown with multiple options in the field header.
  • Freeze/Unfreeze Columns— Ability to fix(freeze) the fields to the left of the table.
  • Sort by Ascending Order
  • Sort by Descending Order
  • Filter this Column
  • Rename Field
  • Remove Field
  • Clone Field
  • Hide Field

Freeze/Unfreeze Columns

As mentioned above, the user is enabled to fix(freeze) particular fields to the left of the table.
This option is available in the field header dropdown.

March 2022

11 New Integrations Added.

  • Recharge Payments
  • Returnly
  • Rich Commerce
  • Affirm
  • Sezzle
  • After Pay
  • Yotpo
  • UpPromote
  • Square
  • Razorpay

October 2021

Major Update - Revamped Interface

We have renewed and renovated the application interface.
Here are a few screenshots (Old and New) for your reference.
Library Page (previously known as 'Reports')
Old Library
New Library
'My Reports' section in the library page that contains all your saved reports have been moved to a separate page which can be accessed from the navigation panel at the top.
My Reports
Report View
Old Report View
New Report View
Sidebar: The section on the left that you see in the Old Report View contains 'Report Type' selector and 'Fields' editor. This section has been moved to the side-bar which has been added in the new design.

September 2021

New Integrations Added

We have introduced Integrations with Ship Station, Shippo, ShipHero, Printavo, Snapchat, and Bold Commerce.

August 2021

New Integrations Added

We have introduced Integrations with Klarna, Amazon Pay, FedEx, and PayWhirl.

July 2021

Change in filter name

We have changed "is NULL" and "is NOT NULL" to "is BLANK" and "is NOT BLANK" respectively for better understanding, but their function remain the same.

June 2021

Stripe Integration

We have now integrated Stripe with Report Pundit. You'll be able to extract specific data from your Stripe account and create reports through our app. We can even connect the Stripe payouts with the orders.
Most commonly used fields of Stripe reports has been shown in the image below.

May 2021

Password Protection

We have enhanced the app security with this new feature, which allows you to set a password for the app.
This restricts the staff to enter the Report Pundit app without the shop owner's permission.
Users can create a password on the Account page, under 'My Password' section.
Once the password is created, the User gets two options, under the same section.
Reset Password - Upon clicking this button, a reset password link is sent to the installer's email address to authenticate and create a new password.
Disable Password - This option clears the password set. Anyone can enter the app without a password

Personalized Fields and Email Subject

This feature belongs to the Email output option, under report scheduling.
Personalized Fields: This new tool makes it convenient to draft the e-mail. You can drag and drop the personalized fields into the Subjects box or the Contents box.
Email Subject: This has been newly added to write a brief subject for the email.

March 2021

'Edited Sales' Report Type

Shopify introduced the Order Editing feature a few months ago, which allows merchants to add products/quantity and remove products/quantity.
Edited Sales Report reflects all the changes/edits that are made to the records of your Shopify store.
For example,
If we create a report, opting 'Sales' or 'Order' as the report type, then the changes made in the orders will not be reflected in the report.

October 2020

Whereas, when we select 'Edited Sales' as the report type the edits will be reflected in the report.

Google Analytics Integration

Connected Google Analytics with Report Pundit e-commerce reporting features. Enhanced customer journey report features within Report Pundit app.

Paypal Integration

Connected Paypal with Report Pundit e-commerce reporting features. Added new transactional reports within Report Pundit.

Facebook Integration

Connected Facebook with Report Pundit e-commerce reporting features. Added new customer journey reports within Report Pundit.

Export Reports to PDF

Enabled ability for customers to export reports using Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Schedule Reports to Big Query(Beta)

Advanced Schedule Option

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