Data Sync

FAQs related to Data Sync
How do you sync my Shopify data?
  • When you login to your Data Export account for the first time, we automatically synchronize all of your Shopify records. This can take just a couple of minutes, or a few days, depending on the size of your database. Returning visits require a much shorter sync time. Click here to get an estimated sync time.
Can I use Data Export while records are syncing?
  • When using your Data Export account for the first time, we must perform a complete record synchronization of your Shopify store. Although you will be able to view and access most parts of Data Export, you won’t be able to create/build reports until synchronization has been completed. This ensures your data is 100% accurate.
When was the last time my data was synced?
  • We refresh your records each time you login to your account or generate a report. You can also force sync your records to manually refresh them at any time.
Why is Data sync necessary?
  • Once the Shop Data is synced with Data Export, the report generation occurs instantaneously. For the report to be generated at such rapid speeds, Data Sync is a prerequisite.
Does the inventory quantity field always show the current inventory?
  • Yes. The current inventory of the product will be updated in the Shopify API and when you sync the data, the new inventory values will reflect in Data Export.
    Shopify will not have the past inventory history in the API. They only update the current inventory in the API.
Is there a limit to the quantity of data that can be synced?
  • Since it demands more work from our end to run the large amount of records through the app server, we have enabled you to sync up to 2 years records.
  • However, Shopify Plus customers can sync unlimited number of records.
  • Likewise, if you have a normal Shopify plan, you can switch to Report Pundit, which is a similar reporting app with added features. It enables you to sync unlimited number of records. You can view a clear comparison here.
Will my data remain within Data Export after uninstallation?
  • According to the Shopify rules, if you delete Data Export all the synced data will be deleted automatically, 48 hours from the time of uninstallation. However, you can sync the data again if you choose to re-install Data Export after 48 hours.
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